Thursday, June 28, 2012

Julie Delcourt - German Enema Art

Been awhile since I posted and I had to share some of these. Apparently the artist was unknown for awhile, the images attributed to artists named Richard Hegemann, German, P. Rollmann, and on and on. But as it turns out, some signed images surfaced and the artist is now known to be Julie Delcourt. The date on the signed illustrations is 1938 and that is definitely in line with the era that they bring to my mind.
Anyway, her work is great. Watercolor images of women in the dominant role, but usually not a typical "dominating" role. In fact the women are very motherly and nurturing, they are shown breastfeeding the young men in some cases. The breastfeeding really isn't my thing but I do enjoy most of her work. A lot of the pieces also concentrate on enemas in all sorts of scenarios. Her paintings look so soft and pretty, I think they really represent the trusting and caring aspect of D/s. They may depict the usual femdom themes like submission, oral worship, etc., but not in the usual whips and restraints and stocks and crops fashion.

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